Heartless City Episode 3 – comments [potential spoilers]

I really enjoyed this episode compared to the previous two because we’re finally getting somewhere. The first two episodes felt more like world-building than anything really. And the two main leads meet for the first time this episode (squeee) in an incredibly weird scene (the good kind). I like how they didn’t meet from the first episode because now their meeting is a believable kind of coincidence.

Both the drug lords and the police are after “Doctor’s Son”/Jung Si-Hyun. He’s been set up by Safari, a Pusan gangster leader, to be caught by the police because he tried to overthrow Scale (who’s backed by the same guy that Safari works under) for his own increased profit. Lee Kyeong-Mi, the special team detective we’ve seen the past two episodes, finally gets undercover after she convinces her Team Leader-slash-boyfriend to let her do her job. Of course, when he finally gave her the green light to go undercover (more like she gave him no options and just asked him to trust in her), I had this really bad feeling. Boy, was I right.

We’re just starting to understand the machinations of this underworld, and who’s fighting against whom. It seems the lines are blurred when it comes to enemies and allies because they could easily stab you in the back. I also love this feeling of not knowing which characters to trust as they’re all not painted in simple white and black, not even the supposed “good guys”. It would make for an interesting watch.

I won’t go into detail about this episode but I’ll just put up a couple of pictures from the episode with captions. Si-Hyun got some seriously cool attitude.

“Let me get those things first and then I’ll let you resume your robbery with pitiful gun that ain’t scaring no one”

“I’ma stitch myself up like a boss”


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