Special Affairs Team TEN (Drama Review)

Country of Origin: South Korea

Aired: from Nov 18, 2011 to Jan 13, 2012

Average Episode Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Cast: Joo Sang-Wook, Jo An, Kim Sang-Ho, Choi Woo-Sik, Choi Bum-Ho.


“Special Affairs Team TEN” is a criminal investigation unit that tackles the most violent crimes in South Korea. These crimes usually have less than a 10% rate for arrests. They chase the most notorious killers who attempt to commit the perfect crimes. Yeo Ji Hoon is former top-notch detective, but now works as a professor. He then becomes the leader of Special Affairs Team TEN. Nam Ye Ri has been a detective for 4 years. She joins Special Affairs Team TEN because of her psychological reasoning powers. Baek Do Sik is 24 year veteran detective. He possesses a keen sense of intuition, which he honed from his many years as a detective. Park Min Ho is a new detective. He joins Special Affairs Team TEN after impressing Professor Yeo Ji Hoon with his reasoning powers.


It’s great to see Korean dramas tackle new genres and do them justice. Ten is a successful combination of good directing, pitch-perfect, haunting cinematography, and great acting.

I love watching psychological crime shows like Criminal Minds, so I loved the psychological study here. There is no white or black in the world of Ten, and each member of the team has a dark spot in his or her past. They’re a bunch of misfits in a league far ahead of the others and who else would be better at solving those cases ordinary detectives wouldn’t be able to?

The cases themselves are incredibly smart and terrifying (the kind that leave you in awe and fear of the things that people are capable of), and really hard to see through. Sometimes the killer turns out to be the guy the camera focused on for only a few seconds–sometimes it’s the person who’s been there all along. You can never really guess, and I enjoyed that.

There’s a bit of social criticism hidden deep between the dialogue, not directly stated but makes your heart heavy with realization. Any writer who could achieve this kind of subtlety wins brownie points with me.

Overall, it’s a great show and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the second season after the huge cliffhanger they left us with.


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