Let’s Eat – Episode 4 (comments) [potential spoilers]

This series continues to frustrate me technically (plot-wise) although I’m enjoying the characters completely—they’re a joy to watch. I realize it’s still early in the series to talk about development and plot but we’re one-fourth of the way there and it feels like the story is moving at crawling pace. I mentioned this in the previous episode comments.

There were a couple of repetitive scenes this episode of Soo-Kyung walking in the dark with a sinister someone following her, but of course we don’t get any closer to finding out who this guy who has been attacking women around the neighborhood is. The series has dropped some not so subtle hints that it could potentially be Dae-Young but I feel like they’re just pulling our legs. Still, in order not to have to eat my words later, I’m keeping in mind the possibility of him being our neighborhood attacker.

The only mention-worthy progress I’ve seen this episode is that the trio officially decided to have those delicious food gatherings in the future. I’m really enjoying the tangling of their lives as Dae-Young befriends Soo-Kyung’s coworkers and Ji-Yun gets to know Soo Kyung’s best friend. I guess it’s because I’ve never known my neighbors or ever talked to them that I have a soft spot for the set up.

The food looked absolutely delicious and I’m saying that having watched the episode with a full stomach. Advice: in order to better appreciate the food scenes of Let’s Eat, better watch it with an empty stomach.


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