M.I.B – March 2014 (FotM Post #1)

This is a new series of posts I’m starting where I’ll put the spotlight on a K-pop group or a singer once a month. I’ll be picking them randomly so it’s not necessarily based on their activity during a certain month.

So for the month of March, I would like to feature M.I.B who are still not well-known though they debuted in 2009. The groups consists of four members with quirky stage names: 5Zic, Kangnam, SIMS, and Young Cream. When asked about the story behind their stage names on Yoo Hui-yeol’s Sketchbook (Sep 2013), they made the audience laugh with their explanation.

They identify themselves as a hip-hop group and their music has a very catchy beat that could easily make people “get their butts off their seats” (the very thing they called people to do in their song Dash). Hip-hop is not really my thing but even I can’t help but bounce to their songs.

M.I.B – 들이대 (Dash) MV

M.I.B – 엠아이비 (G.D.M) MV


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