Secret Love Affair (밀회)- First Impressions

I can’t believe I just joined SLA’s fans this late, with ten episodes already aired. It’s everything I imagined and more–I just finished the first two episodes and could not keep my excitement to myself. Let me give a squeal.

Secret Love Affair already sets itself apart from this year’s mainstream dramas by having a unique atmosphere. Atmosphere is the only way I could describe the kind of thing this drama has–it’s a mixture of scenes played with serene quietness and soft classical music that goes well with the dialogue and the intensity of the actors. I’m not someone who really pays attention to the background music but I do get annoyed when the songs are played too often or whenever it’s too quiet. But for such a drama, the lesser and softer the music, the better.

The magical thing about the two main characters is their exploding chemistry, which is not to be overlooked in a drama that promises to give us music, love, and passion. When Lee Sun-jae and Oh Hye-won first met, I didn’t really feel it, but the instant Sun-jae played on the piano as Hye-won watched (and later joined him), the pheromones in the air overwhelmed me. I never thought playing the piano or listening to it could be so sexy so now I’m expecting a lot of smoking scenes in the next episodes.

I can already imagine how fast their relationship is going to develop. Hye-won has an ear for talent and in Sun-jae she found an incredible raw ability that moved her to tears. While Sun-jae would start to see her as his mentor and his sole audience–he would play for her, with her. When they’re together, they have the potential to create something amazing, far greater than themselves and no one can really pull them from this world of two.

This kind of intensity is refreshing to see unfold. We’d never doubt the bond that would form between them and the depth of their feelings, regardless of the age difference (a whopping 20 years).

As for the moral aspect, I don’t really condone extramarital affairs but I’m willing to watch this through purely out of fascination. The different aspect in the portrayal of Hye-won’s relationship with her husband is that it veers from the typical ‘a couple estranged’ situation (which could have lead to the affair). On the contrary, Hye-won has a relatively good marriage with her husband, if a little too lukewarm which tends to happen after long years of marriage. I wonder how this issue would be handled.

I’m full of expectations for this drama.


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