Not So Wonderful Days – Up to Episode 14 (Rant)

This is me ranting so I probably sound like an energizer bunny on a mission. Just let me get this out of my system first.

It’s truly ironic that I started this drama thinking Taecyeon would be the weak link and now I can’t get enough of his scenes. I would rather skip all the tedious, painful-to-watch moments between Prosecutor Dong-seok and Hye-won for Dong-hui’s relatable, delicious angst.

I knew what I was in for when I started this show but something has to be wrong when you find yourself uninterested in the main premise a couple of episodes in. Show me the family scenes and I’d be one happy camper but get back to the main storyline and I can barely hold myself back from yawning.

For one, there is no chemistry at all between Lee Seo-jin and Kim Hee-sun. Zero. Nil. Nothing. When you’re trying to sell the premise that two people have been still very much in love with each other for the past fifteen years though apart, there has to be some sort of chemistry between them. I’m not talking about strong pheromones or anything–just the bare minimum feeling of attraction between the two would do. That isn’t much to ask for for a drama that has ‘romance’ as the main genre, is it?

This brings me to another issue: I can’t for the life of me like Dong-seok’s character or Lee Seo-jin’s portrayal. It might have been different had a different actor taken the role because Seo-jin does not look the part. Honestly, I could let go of some things but there’s no way to swallow the fact that Dong-seok is supposedly a man in his early thirties when Seo-jin looks very much his age.

There’s also the stoic, very stiff acting. Portraying a stiff character is different than being very rigid yourself, delivering lines without much feeling.

He just keeps feeling all wrong for the character.

And it’s not like the way Dong-seok’s character was written helps. Dong-seok is almost always quiet yet he holds a lot of anger inside that he tends to show in immature ways. In that regard, it’s as if Dong-seok never matured beyond his teenage years. He still loves the same girl, he still has attitude, and he still finds himself better than others. That last part is what ticks me off the most. I think the word ‘Prosecutor’ gets mentioned over five times an episode and not just when Dong-seok is at work. It’s as though it’s the end all, be all job ever and I’m sick of hearing komsa-nim yapped so many times.

I also understand how it’s tempting to rub it in to the people who have looked down at you that you’re all high and mighty now but it still looks petty. By looking down at people from a high pedestal, you’re not being any better than the very same people who you mock.

There’s also the ‘revenge’ aspect. Hye-won’s dad was murdered by Oh Chi-soo, a rich businessman who reminds me of a gangster boss in all his evilness, and her family lost all their money to him. She planned to take revenge on him and has gotten closer to him through his son who is nothing more than an idiot with fluff for brains. The revenge plot just feels forced here, perhaps thrown in because scriptwriter Lee Kyung-hee thinks there’s not enough drama in a melodrama without it.

I swear, whenever Hye-won’s talking to herself about revenge, my eyes just glaze over. You lost me there, story. I do not understand how the revenge fits in. Take it out and you’d still have a decent -if convoluted- plot.

Anyhow, I’ve almost had it with this drama and I’m only watching it for the ever-so-lovely nuanced actress, Yoon Yeo-jung, who always makes me love her in all her motherly roles and for Taecyeon, who has impressed me with his immersion into his character. While I could imagine another actor playing Dong-seok, Dong-hui can only be acted by Taecyeon for me.

I’m definitely going to skip Dong-seok and Hye-won’s scenes and just enjoy the rest of the drama. I don’t understand the high ratings for this show but if a show like Wang’s Family -which had the same time slot as Wondefrul Days– could break into the 40s, I don’t see why this show would not.

I officially give up on trying to understand Korean viewers.



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