Temptation – Episode (1) Review



I don’t really like melodramas but I do watch one once in a blue moon. Guess it takes time to prepare for all the angst to come, but I’m fully ready to embrace it with this show.

Temptation has a simple premise: a man heavy with debt gets desperate enough to put himself under the mercy of a rich woman and she’d give him the amount of money he’s in debt for. Now, here’s the clincher..he’s married. And the rich woman wants to see the love between them break. Cue the drama.

After watching the first episode, Yoo Se-young, the rich woman, is who stands out to me the most. Of course, the whole show is about her. I can already tell what kind of person she is; she’s someone who receives the news that she could lose her uterus with a deadpan face but she’d put her hand over her stomach with a complicated expression whenever she has a moment to herself. I like how what we see isn’t all we can get–Se-young has hidden depths and I can’t wait to see them all.

She’s jaded and does not believe in love. So the moment she sees Seok-hoon (our male lead) hold Hong-joo, his wife, in worry as she cries on his shoulder (picture at the top), that crazy idea of hers takes root. The couple epitomize what she does not have and she wants to break it.

The whole conflict is going to be about Seok-hoon being torn between Se-young and his wife. Yikes. At least this is a premise I haven’t seen done before so it’s bound to be interesting.

Okay, one last thing to say. I’m not sure about the editing and the flow of the episode. I feel like so much is cut out of the scenes that would make the transition from one action to the next much smoother.



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