Temptation – Episode (7) Review

With all my complaints against the show, I keep tuning in for more every Monday and Tuesday. Though the characters continue acting illogically and our main characters have some messed up marriages, I’m just interested to see the outcome of all the betrayals. How is this tangled jumble of people going to end up?

In last night’s episode, Seok-hoon and Se-young have admitted that they liked each other. Se-young initiated the confession and was firmly rejected by Seok-hoon, who said that he still loved his wife despite him liking Se-young. I was honestly surprised at the timely confession because I’m so used to dramas keeping obvious revelations to the last minute possible, leaving the result lacking that extra oomph had it been revealed episodes back.

temp 7 - SS 2


But that’s the only thing that really came pleasantly unexpected. Otherwise, the drama is following age-old cliches to keep the tension going. I mean, there should be a limit to how many times a person rolls his/her eyes an hour, right? The unplanned overnight trip? Check. The innocently-having-fun montage? Check. The dramatic ripping-the-photo-of-us-right-in-half-because-I-think-you’re-a-lying-cheating-bastard? Check, check, check.

Besides the overdone tropes which are still more amusing than annoying at this point, there’s the way the conflict between Seok-hoon and Hong-joo is building up.

I realize that Seok-hoon was wrong to accept the offer of a woman who wanted to make him, a married man, her “slave” for three days, but he was desperate and mere days away from being imprisoned on embezzlement charges. That moment of insanity is allowed, all things considered. But Hong-joo made it a matter of betrayal and trust when she was waiting in the lobby of that Hong Kong hotel–earnestly waiting for him to appear. I personally think it wasn’t Se-young’s offer itself that screwed up their marriage, but that single moment when she was waiting for him, believing that he would forget about this crazy offer. And yet he chose Se-young over her.

Maybe if she stayed with him in the hotel and saw for herself that the two were only doing work, things could have been different. Maybe not. Anyway, the way things are, the salvation of what their marriage once used to be seems near-impossible. Although he knew the way Hong-joo was going to take it, he still went to work for Se-young. I understand that he couldn’t find a job at all, but when you have feelings of like for a woman other than your wife and you want to fix your marriage, you should have ran far, far away from that woman–from the temptation. He’s like a moth getting attracted to the fire which will consume him whole.

Then there’s Hong-joo who does not want to keep thinking about whether her husband is cheating on her right this moment. I’ve been trying to sympathize with her the last couple of episodes but she’s not willing to give Seok-hoon any chance. Maybe it’s some sort of inferiority complex, but she believes that she will lose to Se-young. Or she’s trying to shield herself from potential hurt by not even trying to trust her husband.

Come on, you’ve been married to the man for years and you claimed so many times to know him best and you still don’t have the slightest bit of faith in him to believe that he won’t cheat on you? She’s practically throwing her husband at Se-young by pushing him away from her.

A couple of episodes back, she told him that his heart went out to Se-young and his body will follow sooner or later (as in, he’s going to physically cheat on her). At the end of this episode, when she pretty much tried to sell herself for four days to Min-woo, she was like, “Now his body is gone (as in, they’re separated) and his heart will soon follow”. I wanted to shake my fist at the woman. So you want to pettily get back at your husband (who rejected Se-young and did not even touch her) by sleeping with a playboy with a family? Now that you’ve dug your own grave, lie in it. I’m just not all liking her character.

One last thing I want to mention is how much I hate Min-woo’s mom. Do all chaebol moms have to be so awful? As if it’s not enough that Min-woo pays Roy extra attention (which his daughters are jealous of), the grandma also ridiculously dotes on him and treats Min-woo’s other kids like trash just because Roy’s her long-awaited grandson. That mini fight that broke out between the eldest daughter and Roy was long coming. I honestly pity those kids for being brought up in such a dysfunctional family.


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