Temptation – Episode (8) Review

When I was thinking of writing this review, I wasn’t sure what to say really. ‘Temptation’ is quickly becoming a one-note show; last night’s episode did not add or take much and only brought to the fore what was coming all along. Yawn.

It’s not a surprise when the developments in the last episodes are as big as Seok-hoon going to work for Se-young (because of some really warped logic) and then not working for Se-young, while Hong-joo continues playing the victim in all of this. There’s also a little bit of company politics (the M Hotel acquisition) which mainly serves to bring Seok-hoon and Se-young together and pits Se-young against Min-woo. I’m just glad it’s not an integral part of the show as we have more than enough tedium on our hands.

I still can’t understand Hong-joo’s character, even after eight episodes of this show. We’re almost halfway through so this should say something about the way her character is written. Ever since that Hong Kong trip, Seok-hoon has been trying to make it up to her and to save their marriage using any way possible.

temp 8 - SS 2

Though his logic was flawed, Seok-hoon first tried to prove that he had no feelings whatsoever by working in close proximity to Se-young. And the moment Seok-hoon realized that this move backfired and made things worse instead of better, he quit and prepared new wedding rings (to symbolize a new beginning for them) that he would give her after a romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant. I might have not felt so harshly about Hong-joo had I seen some honest effort spent on her part. Marriages aren’t always a happy, trouble-free affair, even for a couple in love. Mistakes happen–fights occur, and it takes the combined effort of the two parties concerned to rebuild that marriage again. Some couples are lucky enough to become even closer and stronger after a big fallout.

Anyway, all I’m saying is I don’t see that effort and it makes whatever sympathy I had left for her vanish.

Hong-joo gave up without a fight and rejected each and every endeavor of Seok-hoon to fix things between them. And at the end of this episode, she repeated that the trust is gone and that the Seok-hoon she loved has disappeared right before handing Seok-hoon her divorce papers. I just wish there was a better struggle, the feeling, at least, that this marriage did not work despite all their attempts. Instead of feeling Hong-joo’s anguish when she left for the bathroom to prepare herself to present the divorce papers, all I kept thinking was, “Good riddance.” And the audience should not feel tired of one of the main characters. How are we supposed to keep watching the show if we have no love or affection for her?

I might continue watching next week out of hope that the show picks up, but I sure know I won’t be feeling excitement until then.


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