Fated to Love You – Episode (11) Review


This episode made me realize how far Goon and Mi-young have come from where they started three months ago, and how this show could somehow work dramaland’s cliches in its favor. We finally know what kind of genetic disease made Gun’s ancestors die at such an early age and why Gun was so concerned about it setting in all along, and…

Amnesia strikes again.

So when I saw Gun driving at the beginning of the episode, I was pretty confused. Wait, did I get the wrong episode? And then scenes from the previous episodes began to play and he went into this tunnel (of memories?) and I started panicking, and I was like, “No, no, no. Not amnesia!”

I went into the episode with my hands sort-of blocking my eyes because I hate all the crap that follows the main character getting amnesia, and though it was heartbreaking how Gun could not remember Macau and all that came after, it was surprisingly…okay. There wasn’t this feeling that the writer was trying to manipulate us on purpose by creating angst out of nothing–well, okay, selective amnesia is not something that happens everyday so it was a little out of left field, but my point is: it was done so well and resolved so quickly that I did not have that much of an issue over it.

Whatever grumbles I had were probably more of an automatic reaction because I absolutely detest amnesia; unfortunately, many scriptwriters use it as a crutch to develop conflicts or propel the plot forward. It shows a lack of creativity and the watchers already tired of it (glaring at another airing show).

I’m not so sure about making Se-ra arrive at the hospital (to Korea!) so fast–so fast, she’s the first person amnesiac Goon sees. The convenience of her being there is not lost on us. And to make us dislike her even more, she keeps up with the ruse that she and Goon never broke up. Everyone also agrees to keep the events of the past three months away from him so he wouldn’t receive too big a shock.vlcsnap-2014-08-07-08h37m19s113

But of course, he discovers the truth that the woman (Kim Mi-young) who claimed to be his new secretary is actually his wife, that they had a shot-gun wedding after he got her pregnant. However, he still couldn’t believe that he made such a decision and married such a “tacky” person. Oh, Goon, if only you knew. He still harshly talks to Mi-young (to the point where he asks her if the kid she’s pregnant with is really his) and dismisses her as a gold-digger, but the things the people around him are saying and what Se-ra told him doesn’t add up.

He’s shocked by his very domesticated place, from the children books on the table to the baby crib and the toys in his bedroom. When he reads the scrapbook Mi-young had made for their future child and about how happy she was with Goon, tears unconsciously fall from his eyes and leave him speechless. I can understand how unsettling it is to realize you’re missing an important chunk of your life which your heart clearly remembers.

At the end of the episode, he runs away from a lunch with Se-ra, feeling like he needs to remember something important. He drives through a tunnel (the one from the beginning), and every thing rushes back to him. His eyes well up by tears as he remembers the way he talked to Mi-young.

I just loved how realistically this was handled, considering. It would only be obvious the Goon from three months back wouldn’t give Mi-young a second look, and that he only felt something bug him unconsciously about her. Not until he’s faced with mementos from her does he start to remember.

Not that I’m saying this show is perfect or anything. I think sixteen episodes for this show would have been better since now I’m worried about how the writer is going to keep the story going. Both characters already love each other, though I don’t think they officially declared it. Last week, I thought the main conflict would be from people trying to keep them apart. I’m also worried about the disease Goon has running in his family. Huntington’s is no joke and watching a loved person deteriorate like that is absolutely horrible. From what I know from the disease, it’s a dominant disease so it usually shows up with every generation when it’s active. Though Dr. Octopus said amnesia is one of its symptoms, he did admit he wasn’t sure if the amnesia here was due to the disease or due to recent recess. Here’s to hoping its the latter.

I’ll definitely be tuning in tonight. Expect a review tomorrow.





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