Fated to Love You – Episode (12) Review


Alright, I take it back. I take everything I said about the last episode back. Fated to Love You went to a place I really wish it didn’t, and changed the whole concept of the show into something else.

In just one week, we had to deal with amnesia, noble idiocy, and a time jump. From the comments I’ve been seeing around the net, it seems the remake is generally following the original Taiwanese drama, but I feel like there’s still going to be a big tonal change in the series. The story won’t be about about a couple who had a hurried wedding after an unplanned pregnancy; now they’re two childless divorced people who will meet again after three years…which sounds similar to the dramas of the first half of 2014. vlcsnap-2014-08-08-17h12m27s90

I hope the show at least retains some of its humor in the next episodes, and I wish Mi-young’s transformation wasn’t done off-screen. We already knew her passive personality was going to go through change, and I hoped that it would change but essentially remain the same her in her kindness and gentleness.

I’m nervous about this new Mi-young who definitely had an outer transformation. The classy clothes, the confident walk, eye contacts, quirky hair. A classic Cinderella transformation that would definitely make the Prince want her back. I won’t hope for too much so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for next week. I hope the writer has some mercy on us after this week’s angst.

And, man, did they tear my heart out this episode. I figured nothing could top amnesia but losing a baby like that? It was awful. And I hated the way Gun tried to push Mi-young because of his sickness which hurt her so bad. Didn’t ever watch a drama? Everybody who has ever watched a Korean drama knows that being a noble idiot never helps. Flash News: you might think you’re doing this for Mi-young, but you’re selfish for not letting her make her own decisions. She’s not a kid you need to protect–she’s your freaking wife and she would support you the most.

You know what? I think I’m going to enjoy all the grovelling Gun is going to do before he gets Mi-young back (because that’s the key part of reunited couples reuniting). Yeah, Mi-young, let him walk a mile on his knees before you accept him for all the torture he put you through.

And that’s how I got back my enthusiasm for the series.



Side-note: Who else is glad that pompous hairstyle left? I like short-cropped hair best, and it suits Jang Hyuk. Evidence? He looks hotter. Yes, shallow little me agrees.



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