Temptation – Episode (9) Review

temp ep 9 SS-2

Last week, I harped on Hong-joo’s lack of effort in saving her marriage but I was frustrated by Seok-hoon’s passivity this episode. Of course, it has been there all along, I just couldn’t put a name to it. Why does he go along with whatever and get himself in all kinds of mess?

The divorce finally happened though we had a time skip of one month to that end. South Korean courts surprisingly give a full month worth of consideration to couples before processing the divorce, but Hong-joo was dead set on it. Seok-hoon did try to stop Hong-joo right after that dinner from Hell, but he was shocked to hear that their marriage was a nightmare Hong-joo desperately wanted to get out of (when it was a dream he wanted to re-live). And he said what we had been thinking all along: that she only kept to herself, alone and miserable, without trying to save the marriage.

I’m glad they’re now divorced because it was absolutely exhausting watching the inevitable slowly happen. Now Seok-hoon is completely free to go after Se-young, but some offer by a friend has conveniently sprung up and Seok-hoon is leaving for Brazil. Se-young offered to wait for him and he gave her a back-hug before leaving for his plane, telling her that this does not mean their relationship (in general) has ended.

It might be just me who’s confused but I don’t see the reason for going overseas and having him return the episode right after (judging from the previews). Yes, he needs to get over his wife but if he asked for time and space from Se-young to clear the air, she would have done it. Why be contrived about it? To fill the episode count?

I can’t even put my finger on what’s bothering me exactly, but something definitely is. There were also some parts of the episode when Se-young would just appear at his place and tell him to get in her car and he would go ahead and do that, no questions asked. I can’t for the life of me understand such a character as almost nothing he does makes sense. And Se-young’s sudden guilt at hearing about the divorce. Talk about a late time for it to show up. What about when you were antagonizing Hong-joo all those times?

temp ep 9 SS-7

Then there’s Min-woo’s part of the story which I did not comment much on before. I always thought he was scary when he’d put on a smile but act like a snake, but, this episode, he was terrifying. Last episode, he gave his wife some spending money (a whopping $50,000) and told her to go on a trip. He set her up and took pictures of her with her lover (who’s also a married man), then gave her divorce papers for her to sign. Oh, and she has to do away with her parental rights. I mean, I don’t like the wife but she does care about her kids and she’s suffered a lot in this marriage, what with a cheating player husband and a hawk-like mother-in-law.

The way he was smiling the entire time the wife was warning him that she’d ruin this house was shiver-inducing. This guy is an alpha predator–that’s what my brain was telling me. Lee Jung-jin outdid himself with this character, honestly. And his ruthless attitude in business is no joke. He’s intending to go toe-to-toe with Se-young if she wasn’t going to back off. But her pride won’t let her so I expect we’ll be seeing a major stand-off between their two companies.

On a side note, I definitely won’t be continuing to review the show since it’s a struggle to make sense of something that makes no sense. My brain simply doesn’t compute.


2 thoughts on “Temptation – Episode (9) Review

  1. I am also glad they finally went their own ways. Obviously they will be meeting and conflictingt again, since the drama needs to keep being so melodramatic. Too bad they just can’t find happiness, Mr. Cha and President Yu, and Hoo Joon and Min-Woo. Oh well, I will keep watching to see how this mess turns out. I will be missing your reviews sorely!!! 😦

    • Thanks for leaving a comment!

      I actually told myself to give the show a shot again, but I only lasted to halfway through episode 10. I just couldn’t continue the show 😛

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