Fated to Love You – Episode (13) Review

ftly - ep 13 ss-2

Gun’s idea of being inconspicuous. Pfft.

The show is once more back to its earlier so-silly-it’s-hilarious tone, though there were moments of listlessness and sadness whenever our main characters were left on their own and the facade fell away. Under the comedy, there are two people who are definitely not fine, who have not moved on.

Last night’s episode made it clear that this was a new (but familiar) beginning for Gun and Mi-young by creating parallels between this episode and the first couple of episodes. There’s the needless but funny shampoo ad at the beginning, Gun once again spending time with Se-ra (although it’s completely platonic on Gun’s end), the hotel room number mix-up…etc.

Yet it was not a complete reset. Gun adorably has been in contact with Mi-young’s mom all this time, with them comfortably bickering and speaking in banmal to each other. And how Gun had been following Mi-young’s career as an artist all this time was touching. I also can’t forget Mi-young’s face when she saw Gun across a restaurant tying Se-ra’s necklace at the back, and how she could not keep her eyes away from the two (and especially Gun) even though she was sitting with Daniel, who had been with her all three years of her time abroad. Their feelings have not been trashed, their bonds have not been severed. There’s still hope.

ftly - ep 13 ss-3

I’m also glad about Mi-young pretty much retaining her old personality, but being a little more confident. She’s not an over-night public speaker, but she seems to have built up more confidence in herself this while. It’s a good thing, albeit a little upsetting since we had to miss her gradual progress.

Our characters finally (officially) meet after three years and I am so excited. I’m sure the writers aren’t going to make it easy, but those two lovebirds are definitely going to find each other. And I’m sure both their families are going to be pushing for them to get together (Gun’s grandmother thinks of Mi-young as the perfect woman, while Mi-young’s mother dotes on Gun like a real mom).

Side-note: Jang Hyuk looks way better with his new haircut. Hmph. I called it ages ago (well, in my head). The problem is, I totally miss hearing some of his lines while I drool and stare at my screen like a zombie.


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