Fated to Love You – Episode (14) Review

Two episodes back, I was ready for Gun to suffer and beg Mi-young to take him back but now, he’s so pitiful my heart aches. And it’s not just him; Mi-young is so unhappy it shows. She might wear a smile, but it doesn’t seem to reach her eyes. It’s clearly not our old Snail, who was so happy-go-lucky. Her cold demeanor towards Gun was hard to stomach–her eyes were no joke.

ftly - ep 14 (2)

So a lot of things happened this episode. We found out that Mi-young was only in Korea for her exhibition and will be leaving soon. Daniel “found” his biological sister who turned out to be a fraud out for his money, and decided to stop searching for her and just wish she was happy, wherever she was. Mi-young and Gun have been sending messages to each while Mi-young thinks she’s talking to an older woman with a kid. I loved how they did not show the two messaging each other; instead, they show them talking to each other as though having a real conversation. Pretty creative. And lastly, Daniel proposes to Mi-young.

ftly - ep 14 (6)

I don’t know about this proposal. He saw Mi-young’s reluctance with his affection and how uncomfortable she got. I think Mi-young honestly wants to like Daniel that way, but she just can’t. She’s not over Kaedongie’s death, and she’s not over Gun. How her eyes went sad when she was looking at someone else’s baby was upsetting. So I have a feeling she might just say yes to Daniel because she desperately wants to move on, though it won’t be fair to him since she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him.

And then there’s Gun–our miserable Gun, whose boisterous laugh we don’t get to hear as often. After her cold treatment of him at the beginning of the episode when he was drunk, he resigned himself to not meeting her. Before he left for home, he looked at her from afar as she thanked the people who came to her exhibition and sincerely wished for her to live a happy life. When his younger brother and Secretary Tak suggested the popular Ellie Kim (a.k.a Mi-young) to be the artist the company collaborates with for an image campaign, Gun completely brushes the idea aside. He knew she did not want to meet him, and so he wanted to stay away. Once he’s on his own, he tells himself that he has no right to see her or meet her. It’s heartbreaking.

ftly - ep 14 (5)

But Yong (or Dragon, as Gun fondly calls him) totally set Mi-young and Gun up and left them on their own to talk, claiming this is all business. Mi-young was clearly far from amused and told Gun brusquely that she would rather she and Gun not meet again. Ouch, there splattered Gunnie’s heart. I have to remember the way he dismissed her before she left for Paris three years go (though he was just being a noble idiot) to bear watching him suffer.

Hmm. What is Gun going to do about Mi-young’s proposal now? Is he going to tell her his real feelings (not likely) or is he going to turn his back, tell himself to wish her happiness, and then run to her once she’s about to leave for the plane (likely, since this is a drama)?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next week.



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