On Mamacita – Super Junior MV (With Shinmochii)

Chocobana: Alright, so the music video that we’ve been waiting for was just released. What did you think of Mamacita?

Shinmochii: Other than them saying Mamashita, it was awesome.

Chocobana: Hahahaha XD I thought Si-won had too much lipstick on and I was distracted the whole time.

Shinmochii: Siwon is hot either way so it doesn’t matter. And that “Close your lips. Shut your tongue.” bit was so funny.

Chocobana: Yeah. I liked the song, and it has this catchy tune (I expect to unconsciously sing the chorus every time I hear it) but I still don’t get the concept they were going for. Are they supposed to be cowboys or matadors?

Shinmochii: IKR? I looked up ‘Mamacita’ yesterday. What it means and all that.

Chocobana: And?

Shinmochii: I asked a friend too (he’s half Spanish) and he said it was like ‘babe’ or something like that.

Chocobana: Owh, that makes sense.

Shinmochii: It also means, um, an older lady, more of a noona.

Chocobana: Figures. With all the noona romances this year!

Shinmochii: Yeah. Also, the move with the index finger that was going around their pinkies (lol)–I think that means ‘she has them wrapped around her finger’ or something.

Chocobana: So, Mamacita felt like a step away from the too techno music we’ve been getting from Super Junior the past couple of years. I didn’t mind at all the simplicity of the dance moves or the crazy (but entertaining) concept for this song.

Shinmochii: I don’t think they made really good MVs since ‘Sexy, Free and Single’ (which I didn’t like very much). Swing was good though. Did you like Swing?

Shinmochii: And ‘Mamacita’ isn’t like the other MVs, it isn’t in an ‘oddly lit room with shiny floor’.

Shinmochii: KYUHYUN ❤ (just saying he’s my baby~ also Donghae.)

Chocobana: True! So many fans complained about the limited sets that were featured in Super Junior’s music videos so this change is refreshing. And honestly, I didn’t really like Swing. I mean, it was okay, but that was all. I wasn’t wowed or anything by the song.

Chocobana: Well, I hope our readers enjoy ‘Mamacita’ as much as we did!

Chocobana: Annyeong~

Shinmochii: Yoho~


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