Drooling over BTS- Danger [MV]

As expected, the MV was awesome. Oh my goodness. They triggered all the possible feels out of me. The song was so good! I loved that hype before the chorus started and I loved everything…




Suga’s hair. I mean he’s cute and all that but choppy short bangs don’t really suit him. Even though I didn’t like his hair much, I loved all the parts he sang/rapped in. Jongkook, Jimin, V and Rapmon blew me away completely. The dancing was fantastic and it was so captivating to watch them dance synchronized. It was just amazing.

After I watched the MV, I went on to watch the dance practice video. I can’t believe I’m still alive. This is a miracle. After all those feels? Oh my god! They dance 100% synchronized and I’m sure they worked so hard to achieve such level of dancing.


That’s all I have to say, but please do tell us if you liked it as much as we did and also tell us your bias (I know you can’t possibly have one bias) in the comment section below!



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